Happy Earth Day! change is in the air…

The world needs a new way of viewing food… we are going to bring this to everyone — the Perpetual Harvest way of life.  It’s really an appeal for “permaculture” or human society finding a balance with nature and technological changes.  But we want to see every human on Earth with the opportunity to thrive and enjoy a healthy, quality lifestyle. That is going to require communal and cultural change like never before — true work towards a more sustainable future. Every day we learn to account for our choices — garbage in, garbage out — and how transforming waste can be beautiful.  Eventually people will sow seeds and harvest plants daily in their own greenhouses, experiencing freshness and balance.  
Perpetual Harvest will provide people with growing systems to support year-round production of various edible crops.  We will focus on developing sustainable best practices for indoor agriculture and sharing this knowledge transparently. Our greenhouse systems (PHGS) will be vertical farming models that can adapt to either new buildings or renovations.  With collaboration from innovative minds, we will continue to improve upon what is possible in building-integrated ag. Urban and controlled-environment agriculture are converging, but small business start-up models need to be developed. The goal is to create opportunities and social value where none existed — reducing food insecurity and unemployment. 
In light of the negative news about climate change and environmental destruction caused by pollution, change is needed.  With California leading the political fight in regards to water conservation, proactive strategy is called for elsewhere.  Investments in indoor agriculture should be a primary tactic in the battle for improving quality of life and businesses. Aeroponic growing methods are claiming as much as 90% water efficiency compared to traditional agriculture methods. There is still a lot of room for research and development as to smart design, which is why collaboration is needed now! The Vertical Farming Challenge was a great start at multi-stakeholder engagement in a charrette-style design setting. Communities need to have access to information that will help them transform food production into infrastructure.
Food sovereignty is the greatest objective —Jonnygardeningthat we can know where our food is coming from, that it is safe, and that we will have access to it when we need it, which is daily… This is my son enjoying himself during a local community garden day at one of our favorite coffee shops, Daily Grind. They called it the Botanical Bash, and it was great fun with a small stage set up for musical performers to share too. The painters also made the day fun and creative, and it reminded me how important it is that we express ourselves freely. That is partly how I have been inspired to take the lead on a special project in town and work to spread Local Food! Happy Earth Day — everyday we have choices to make that will either help us thrive or that we may regret later — take pride in life… and watch as how humanity connects to food and community become central again. Love conquers all.  
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