Kelly Gehlhoff–CEO at Perpetual Harvest  

Kelly grew up in the contrasts of southern California and rural Oregon, which has contributed to her diverse perspectives. She earned her B.A. in Human Ecology: Environmental Studies and Humanities from the University of Redlands in California and spent a semester living at the Biosphere II in Arizona, and studying to become an environmental consultant. While growing her family and college teaching career she earned an M.Ed. in Post-Secondary/Adult Education from Capella University. She is presently working on her Doctorate of Management in Environmental and Social Sustainability from Colorado Technical University, hoping to be an international business consultant and author. She is determined to carry out her late mother’s desire to feed all the poor children on the planet a healthy, live/raw diet by spreading the availability and awareness of greenhouse technologies. Kelly is planning to make PHGS a company that paves the way towards sustainability through applied holacracy (see, so every worker has a direct stake in the business, and a voice to ensure social justice in the food industry standards for the future. Her passions lie in teaching others about sustainability, as well as empowering people to make healthier choices. Kelly’s research interests include: sustainable community development, vertical farming, urban agriculture, localizing food systems, food sovereignty, systems thinking, fractals, and more… You can reach her at


Chris Marron — Technical Director

Chris, and his late wife, Allison, are the originators of the Perpetual Harvest system. His experience with different lengths of light exposure, frequencies of exposure, and atmospheric enrichment at different times during the day provide much of the basis for optimizing maximum plant growth. Chris designed and built his own greenhouse that they used continuously for 7 years at elevation 6000 ft. in central Oregon near the city of Bend. Chris has experimented extensively with Biodynamic and Perelandra principles in his growing systems. His ideas, once implemented, will ultimately allow people to grow exponentially more food per square foot than ever before, producing organic, nutrient-dense foods year-round. 

          You can reach him at