We are bringing this to the world’s attention now, because nearly everyone is experiencing a decline in both economic and physical/mental health due to social changes.  Regardless of the economic climate, the Perpetual Harvest model outperforms all other agricultural models.  It can thrive in a depression because it eliminates distribution and spoilage factors typically associated with both traditional and advanced agricultural models.  It also provides vastly superior (in comparison with grocery stores) nutritional sources year-round, essentially eliminating the fear of famine for communities who have invested in this sort of infrastructure.  Thus it addresses both of the concerns this discussion begins with.

Over the last few decades, advanced meta-growing research has been performed by several different and unrelated industries, including aerospace, universities, underground illegal pot growers, permaculturists, and many avant-garde independent researchers. We have collated and synthesized this research into a cohesive sustainable model that enables continuous year-round production of food and herbs, regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions.  By the judicious use of numerous technologies, we maximize yield and minimize the growing space in a controlled environment.  Plants thrive at their maximum nutrient values, yields, and growth potentials.  This allows customers to grow any food and herb plants they desire, making for pleasantly delicious, bio-diverse diets.

The benefits of this new form of agriculture include nutrient-dense, affordable, “better than organic” food plants grown in a Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA) operation. The potential is already well-validated in both academic and space exploration research programs. For example, Cornell University announced on their website that they can grow 23 times more food per square foot than Commercial California growers, while using 30 times less water in their CEA.  NASA has documented that an organic CEA is our only option for space exploration, yet a perfected model has not surfaced as public knowledge.

Based on the growing models developed by several universities, we believe we can more effectively grow underground than on the Earth’s surface. The reasons include more stable temperature cycles, isolation from parasitic insect populations, and protection from environmental toxins in the form of radioisotopes and chemical toxin fallout, as well as unnecessary electromagnetic bombardment. There are also numerous other possible environmental challenges to consider, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather and natural disasters, including volcanic ash clouds blocking the sun for extended periods of time, all of which have historically had catastrophic affects on growing food on the planet’s surface.  There is also the added advantage of being largely independent of already strained surface land uses of our planet.

Impressively, the Perpetual Harvest Greenhouse System’s optimal growing environments can be achieved year-round, thus creating organic food production with equal high-quality yields 52 weeks a year at an affordable price, even in extreme climates.  By employing renewable energy to create small, sustainable grid power systems (specific strategies are assessed by location), capital investments can be recouped within approximately a 30 month period.  That gain is based solely on the energy savings, and the bottom line is also subsequently reduced significantly.  Because the PHGS system utilizes state-of-the-art control systems that have information feedback loops, labor costs are vastly reduced and efficiency is maximized.  Because it is a year round operation the labor force has job security, while the growing operation retains their valuable expertise permanently.

Operational and pilot models were drawn from over a decade of collected research and empirical work performed as consultants with individuals and companies in the following industries: heirloom seeds, soil microbes, aquaculture, vermiculture, permaculture, education, and biological research on the enhancement of water and water structuring.

There are many local, commercial, and third-world applications for such a robust solution. We design custom systems, sustainable and as low-tech as possible using cutting edge water, air, nutrient-bath purification, and bio-enhancement techniques. We symbiotically address the full range of agricultural excellence our customers require. We offer environmentally-friendly removal of chemical toxins, electronic pollutants, and radioisotopes, and thus protection from genetic pollution.

We are poised to implement this model on a larger scale, commercial application for an investment or research grant. We are looking for a management and development team that sees beyond the enormous financial profit margin (net returns in the high 30% range) and untold millions of dollars for the technology propagation. We see the greater reward of creating a change which brings our children and their children back to vibrant health, as it was before mankind decided to take shortcuts for profit’s sake.